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April 13, 2020

How to Make Great Social Media Ad Creatives

If you're going to win on Instagram, you're going to win on creative.

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, ad targeting tools within the Facebook platform were scoped down in an effort to protect users privacy. Since then, lifecycle marketing based around the Facebook pixel and how users have interacted with your social media and website have become the cornerstone of ad buying strategy.

Since we can't target users based on super specific online activities anymore, ad creative is more important than ever. Once a user is in your "ecosystem", they become much easier to remarket and communicate with them the future - but they can't get into your ecosystem until they click on one of your ads.

Condense your message

You have very little time to get your point across on social media. Pick the right point to make and make it fast.

Play with the ad format

The first rule of good ad creative is that there are no rules. Playing with format and seeking novelty is a great way to get users to stop and pay attention.

Stand out

Our social media feeds are packed with mediocre brands paying to put mediocre content in front of their audience. Don't be like them. Take a stand and make creative that makes people think, laugh, or cry. Good content is good content.

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by colinjamesb